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"Prayer plays a basic role in our unfolding by gathering our energy into a unifying force which enables us to fulfill our aim."

from Nuances of Prayer, a Cafh course


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We nourish what we love, and when we love the possibility of unfolding, we seek the nourishment most appropriate for us. In the Feature Helene Dunkelblau describes how she found in the Method of Cafh the support for unfolding that she had been looking for. Among the many resources the Method offers is the Discursive Meditation, an example of which you can see in Inspiration. This practice helps us develop a close, trusting relationship with our inner voice, symbolized as the Divine Mother. In her interview in Reflections, Susan Martersteck shares the various stages her journey of unfolding has taken her through. Truly, spiritual unfolding is a lifelong journey that we nourish with our love!

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