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"Our only real possibility of loving is in the present."

Josť Luis Kutscherauer


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The Act of Presence

"I am here," we think, "in this school, in this office, in this home, where we are all committed to our work. I love these souls; I wish them all well and want them all to be happy. For this reason, I make an effort to express spiritual life in the way I behave and relate with them. At the same time, I transmit the divine presence I cultivate in my heart."


Presence from Different Angles

And we need to induce in ourselves, in the ongoing involvement, a continuing alertness to the possibilities of each moment. Then caring can guide our choices among the various possibilities before us. We get intimately involved in the human scene, rather than just "hanging out" with people.


Guide Me All the Time


Presence ... Connection with the Eternal

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