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The Footprint I Leave Behind

"Let us leave this footprint of love in the hearts of all souls."

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All over the world, societies are struggling to meet the challenges of our changing climate and the complexities of developing a sustainable, healthful environment. Our summer issue’s Feature points out that caring for the “outer biosphere” will not guarantee the life we dream of for everyone without parallel efforts by individuals directed towards their “inner biosphere.” This is the realm of intention and compassion, where we learn to perceive ourselves as part of the whole of life. Of course there really is only one biosphere. Our care for the environment and our inner work are intimately connected. The writer of Reflections weaves together his concern for the planet and his efforts to uncover and manage his unconscious craving to acquire things. In the Inspiration section, the gentle irony of “Earth to Let” warns us of the constant temptation to treat our precious planet as a commodity. The question is always before us as individuals and world citizens: What footprint do I leave behind?

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