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Experiments with Renouncement

"We also say that the work of unfolding is renouncement because that is what life is: continual renouncement."

The Asceticism of Renouncement


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What could "Experiments with Renouncement" possibly mean for my life? In Cafh, we apply the ancient word "Renouncement" to a world vision crucial to the 21st century. This issue's Feature describes the expansion of consciousness, fueled by the spirit of Renouncement, as a spiral moving outwards from the small, personal sense of self towards the infinite. Members of Cafh experiment with this spirit every day to deepen their capacity to give life to its myriad forms. In Reflections, we see the Tree of Renouncement, a visual depiction of modern expressions of this spirit, and in the Inspiration section, we are offered a hands-on account of a busy father's commitment to the inner work that allows one's consciousness to expand.

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