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"You have to experience duality for a long time until you see it's not there."

Thomas Merton


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Large human groups coexist, but they compete and are afraid of being attacked by each other. The arms race and the political and economic strife in today's world are clear evidence of this. Yet we are convinced that in every human heart there is a deep and sincere desire for peace and harmony, a yearning to find a path to unity.


Friendship Behind Prison Walls

At first it was all a bit daunting, but with the sound of children's voices, laughter and a sense of real life in front of us, we felt a part of a very human landscape, albeit one we had never experienced before. Assigned to a particular row and table number, we sat and waited until Shedrick arrived from his cell


Gardens and Community

"My child, you created your flower garden with the needs and happiness of others in mind. Now cultivate within your inner space the feelings and thoughts that will nourish the people where you live and work." (from a Cafh meditation)

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