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"Knowing how to choose spiritually produces a clear relationship with all our other choices in life."


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Our Relationship with Choice
by Jorge Waxemberg

We usually think that career, work, success, will bring us the fulfillment we always wanted. But the moment comes when we realize that we are missing something, that there must be something else in life besides the exterior choices we've made. We discover that there really is another kind of choice.

This new choice is no longer an exterior commitment, either to others or to some particular thing I want to do. This new choice (perhaps the most important one I ever make) requires a commitment to myself, to my inner life. I have to choose if I will commit myself to the development of my integral being, to giving spiritual meaning to my life.

We call this choice inner choice.

Our inner choice is fundamental, and it marks a decisive moment in the life of every human being.

It often requires us to reevaluate all previous choices and sometimes completely changes our lives.

The inner choice is made only once in life, and it is permanent.

But we can fulfill this choice only if we are continuously conscious of it. It is not enough that we do something; we must resolve to remain inwardly aware, conscious of our inner processes and our tendency to find shelter in pretexts and justifications-our tendency to avoid facing the contradiction between what we do and what we know we yearn to do.

It is not enough to study texts, to practice exercises or to talk about inner life. We need concrete means for working innerly, and we have to apply these means wisely and perseveringly.

On the path of spiritual unfolding, we need a method of life, spiritual direction, and continuous effort.

Every means, every method, implies a limitation. To unfold spiritually one must limit oneself voluntarily and consciously within a method of life. Spiritual realization, like any other realization, is attained through responsible and conscious limitation within the method and path appropriate for each person and for the chosen objective.

Spiritual direction is likewise indispensable. We all need the help and guidance of those who have already traversed the path we have chosen.

And without persevering effort, no realization is possible. No matter how high one's aspirations are, these aspirations in themselves are no more than a dream until each person makes them a reality through a conscious, permanent, responsible effort.

Throughout our lives, we are continuously making choices. We tend to think that only some of them are important, but that is not so. All of them determine the trajectory of our lives. Yet it is the inner choice that we each make which gives meaning to our lives.

Knowing how to choose spiritually produces a clear relationship with all our other choices in life.

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