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Cosmos Habits
by Carolyn Cooper

What can we do to remind
infinitesimal but significant
Simple habits like recycling,
beauty of nature that
ourselves available to help
of being part of a whole that
ourselves that we are
specks in the Cosmos?
feeling gratitude for the
surrounds us, and making
someone all build our sense
extends far beyond our

personal sphere. Besides the value of the practice in itself, how does it affect us? Does it arouse our sense of wonder? Does it remind us of our responsibility to live as conscious participants in the world? Here are some sample habits:

  • Take time to enjoy the sunset and, at least once a year, the sunrise, too.
  • Visualize how I will turn the food I am eating into energy, bones and flesh inside my body.
  • Ask myself whose labor brings me my morning cup of coffee.
  • Buy energy-efficient appliances.
  • Put on a sweater before turning up the heat.
  • Think of another use for something after it has served its initial purpose, e.g. water used in cooking vegetables can become stock for soup.
  • Participate regularly in recycling programs in my community.
  • Garden and compost.
  • Listen attentively to a point of view I don't agree with, to remind myself that I live in a world of countless points of view.
  • Enjoy an outing with another species.

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