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The Importance of Prayer

A Conversation/
Dialogue Meditation

Unfolding Prayer

Review of
Living An Authentic Life

Review of new translation of The Bhagavad Gita

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  Schedule 2014

  Spiritual Unfolding: a New Kind of Social Work
  March 3 - March 30, 2014

Experience the richness of the teachings of Cafh
in your own home.

Join us in a flexible interactive Cafh eCourse this spring!

  What is a Cafh eCourse?

A Cafh eCourse is an online spiritual community that comes together to share spiritual ideas through readings, online dialogues and instruction in spiritual exercises such as meditation.

  What will I do in an eCourse?

Each eCourse covers chapter readings from a book of study; daily spiritual practices, including meditation; and the opportunity to keep a personal journal.

A paperback copy of our textbook will be sent to your home when you register:

eCourse: Book:
Spiritual Unfolding: a New Kind of Social Work Living Consciously
by Jorge Waxemberg

If you already own a book, or if you prefer to simply use the online chapters of the book available in the course, you may register for the "Without Book" option for a reduced rate.

  How do I register?

Simply click the Register Now buttons below and follow the prompts.

Looking forward to seeing you in our online community!

Scholarships are available by contacting us.

Register now!



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Spiritual Unfolding: a New Kind of Social Work

Mar. 3 - Mar. 30, 2014

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