Volume XIX Number 3

Table of Contents

  • Finding Freedom on the Inside
  • Let Freedom Ring
  • Inspirational Thoughts
  • Profiles in Spirit
  • The Art of Living
  • Activities Resources
  • To The Divine Mother

What is freedom? Is it free? Is it alive and changing? This issue of Seeds looks at a variety of expressions of freedom. We have the dramatic military and political expression of the pursuit of freedom in the biography of Simón Bolívar, who struggled successfully to liberate Spain's colonies in South America.

This article stands in contrast to the interview Finding Freedom on the Inside, which describes the struggle of a group of prison inmates to gain a measure of inner freedom from their uncontrollable, destructive emotions through the practice of meditation. The Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, reprinted here, set out a well-tested method which countless recovering alcoholics have followed as they struggled to free themselves from their addiction. In all these cases, the struggle for freedom is waged against an identifiable foe, and certainly entails tremendous effort and perseverance.

Sometimes the obstacle to the freedom we long for is not as clear as an oppressive regime or personal weaknesses or an addiction. Sometimes the obstacle lies in the very way we perceive the world, as we read in two book reviews in this issue. The 18th century empiricist Emanuel Swedenborg devoted the first part of his life to scientific study, but, following a visionary experience in mid-life, he was forced to expand his understanding of the ways of seeing and knowing that were actually available to him, and he began to write about the events of his inner realm, hitherto unexplored.

The discussion of freedom continues in this issue with Let Freedom Ring, a "conversation" with a recognized authority on freedom-Benjamin Franklin himself! He discusses not only the nature of freedom, but possible ways in which to experiment with it, and he broaches the question: Is freedom evolving? Like him, let's make freedom the goal of a lifelong - and even longer - quest.

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