Embracing Inner Work
Volume XV Number 2

Table of Contents

  • States of Consciousness
  • Reflections on the Journey of Life
  • The Work of Unfolding
  • Learning to Meditate
  • Planting Seeds
  • Marie Sklodowska Curie: Service through Science
  • Three Friends Find a Path
  • Vignettes of Unfolding
  • Bread of Life
  • To the Divine Mother

The amaryllis on my window sill is beginning to sprout. The wealth of nutrition packed into the bulb is pushing a green tip up through the surface of the soil. I watch fascinated as the shoot encounters the sunlight and begins to stretch upwards, an inch or more a day.

Unfolding, I've noticed, is a natural process. As humanity itself unfolds, I glimpse its potential, and each one of us, simply by virtue of being a part of this great whole, participates. But the process is slow and labored, and individually we begin to feel impelled to work consciously on this process. Still, there is so much suffering in the world and we yearn to alleviate it. We feel the need for a method, a way, to work inwardly and unfold our real potential.

Cafh is a path that offers a teaching and a method of life to assist individuals who commit themselves to a conscious effort to unfold inwardly.

Although in Cafh we think of spiritual life in terms of expanding our consciousness, this does not imply that we try to acquire extraordinary powers or experiences, that we have to accept a dogma or adopt a particular lifestyle. Instead, each member is encouraged "to make an experiment" of his or her own life, as one of the writers in this issue's Sharing, "Three Friends Find a Path," puts it. In our Feature interview, Bob Tolz, a longstanding member of Cafh, lets us see this attitude of experimentation at work as he describes how his vocation permeates his relationship with his wife and children, with clients and partners in his law office, with his sense of time and even with his artistic talent. The young botanist in "Planting Seeds" is stimulated by her research in the lab to reflect on the need to develop profound respect towards souls.

A number of the attitudes and practices that come into play as we engage wholeheartedly in the process of unfolding, such as quieting oneself and listening, or doing work with our hands, are presented in Travels. We see in these anecdotes how we can learn from our experiences and apply our understanding. Like the plant, we have to draw nourishment from our interactions with the environment in order to grow.

What tools does Cafh give to someone pursuing this inner work of expansion? The articles refer to a good many. Not surprisingly, meditation is mentioned throughout the issue. Weekly meetings in small groups and the cultivation of spiritual companionship are likewise of great help. Periodic retreats also form part of the method. In addition, every member of Cafh has the opportunity to discuss in private with a spiritual director aspects of his or her spiritual practices or any matter of concern.

Cafh teaches one how to expand inwardly through daring, effort and surrender, to become conscious of the world and one's place in it. This is a process sustained by love. Speaking of spiritual unfolding, Jorge Waxemberg writes in the forthcoming book, Mysticism and Consciousness:

Love is like a flower which opens and expands until revealing all its beauty and releasing its fragrance everywhere.

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