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A Dialogue Reflection on Inner Freedom

by Tom Langdon

This reflection in the form of a back-and-forth dialogue with the Divine Mother is inspired by the discursive meditation exercise taught in Cafh. The meditator has the feeling that his life is not very significant. He starts by asking the Divine Mother a question:

How can I pursue meaning in this life?

Engaging the Executive: The Affective Meditation

by Diana Autumn

Have you ever been in a situation that affected you in a very profound way, only to find out that others had experienced the same situation in a very different way? Events are neutral, but how we experience them depends on how we perceive and interpret them.

Self-Knowledge through Disidentification by Tomás Agosin

The themes surrender, detachment (also called disattachment) and disidentification are spiritual practices known throughout the world in the various mystical traditions. Each in its own way serves to reduce ego-centeredness and thereby to enhance Self (in Jung’s sense of spiritual wholeness) and/or cosmic-consciousness. In the following paper, Tomas Agosin gives a simple, profoundly human way to think about and practice the act of reducing the ego for the purpose of deeper spiritual awareness.

Mysticism in Our Lives by Jorge Waxemberg

(en español)

This audio and the accompanying text are from Jorge Waxemberg’s book The Art of Living in Relationship.1

Audio Introduction

Breathing Spirit into Ordinary Moments

by Mary Cook

We have all experienced moments of freedom when we were able to breathe spirit into a situation instead of accepting it passively. At that moment, we transformed a mundane situation into a challenge; we stepped back from our usual reaction and called upon our ingenuity, capacity for wonder, compassion or humor, and in the process we discovered a new, unexpected way to respond.