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Interdependence in the Workplace

By a group of Cafh members


Everything we do has an influence on us, on those around us and on the world, whether we perceive it or not. The importance we give to this influence and to our way of life reveals who we are, not only to others but also to ourselves. Spiritual Life, chapter 11.

The teaching of Cafh stresses the need for all human beings to develop an attitude of interdependence, given the fact that we are simultaneously individuals and a part of a much greater whole. A group of members of Cafh in Los Angeles undertook to examine practical ways in which to develop this attitude in various spheres of our lives.

Ecology and Spirituality

by Diana Autumn

As the wise words of Chief Seattle reveal, the Native Americans revere the Earth and hold her sacred. They consider themselves an integral and living part of the Earth, instead of considering the Earth as something to be used, possessed and exploited. All living and nonliving things on the Earth are considered one, and human beings are a part of this wholeness. By living harmoniously with the Earth, human beings demonstrate their respect and love.


This is the tenth teaching in the Cafh course "Sacrifice." The course expands our usual understanding of sacrifice by referring to the Latin roots of the word: sacer+facere, to make sacred. It discusses various aspects of life that we often consider painful and suggests how we can meet them constructively, in ways that will deepen our knowledge of ourselves and help us unfold spiritually.

An Actor Prepares - A Soul Unfolds by Sally Sommer

… the purpose of playing, whose end, both at the first and now, was and is, to hold, as ‘twere, the mirror up to nature…

The actor’s work is to create a character, a personality, and to bring it alive for an audience. The process of accomplishing that work reminds me of the process of spiritual unfolding and of coming to know one’s true self.

Spiritual Unfolding and Model-Making in Science and Daily Life by Robert Magrisso

The search for truth is more precious than its possession.
Albert Einstein


The process of science is one my inspirations for spiritual life. The expansion of consciousness brought to humanity by science is something from which I have tried to learn. The open-ended nature of science, always seeking a greater approximation to truth, a greater understanding of reality and, with it, an attitude of seeking and non-attachment to current understandings is a basic approach that I try to apply to life.