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Engaging the Executive: The Affective Meditation

by Diana Autumn

Have you ever been in a situation that affected you in a very profound way, only to find out that others had experienced the same situation in a very different way? Events are neutral, but how we experience them depends on how we perceive and interpret them.

Mysticism in Our Lives by Jorge Waxemberg

(en español)

This audio and the accompanying text are from Jorge Waxemberg’s book The Art of Living in Relationship.1

Audio Introduction

I Shall Not Hate: A Gaza Doctor's Journey

Review by Carolyn Cooper

How can we associate mysticism with the tragedy and violence in the Middle East that we see on our screens and read and hear about every day? I make this connection because the actions of the Gazan doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish illustrate his capacity to live free of stereotypes, to refuse to let indignity and hardship, including the Israeli army's destruction of his neighbourhood when he was 15, persuade him to make wholesale judgments about groups of people. He is able to see people on "the other side" as human beings to respect and work with and with whom to build a better future.

George Washington Carver: Scientist and Teacher

George Washington Carver has earned a place in American history; his name has at some time graced the lips of almost every American schoolchild. But why do we remember him?  

The Unfinished Evolution (collage, 1983)

The Unfinished Evolution (collage)

The human soul
Is One soul
Still Unborn
As One