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The Path of Cafh

Seeds of Unfolding is published by Cafh Foundation, a non-profit organization whose purpose is to assist in the spiritual development of all persons. Besides publishing Seeds, Cafh Foundation publishes books, brochures and articles on spiritual subjects. The books are published by Cafh Foundation.

Cafh is a spiritual path for individuals who seek to unfold their highest possibilities.

Through a method of life which includes instruction, meditation, and spiritual exercises, Cafh provides tools to know oneself better, to expand one's capacity to love and respond effectively to all of life's situations.

Cafh is not a large institution or organization. It is made up of individuals who meet in small groups regularly to study, meditate, and share ideas about inner work, always with the intention to learn, to expand consciousness and to live better.

Above all, Cafh is an individual method of life, adaptable to all persons, whatever their background, occupation, religion or beliefs. It offers practical, useful and simple ways to begin working on oneself and explore the great mystery of life.


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