Self-Control Excerpts from Spiritual Life

"Although we have achieved a certain control over our minds through discipline and study, we usually think and feel according to how thoughts and emotions arise in us. It is not unusual that when we speak or act, it is more out of impulse than discernment. Sometimes only after having said or done something, we stop to consider what we have said or done.

"In order to continue to unfold we have to have control over ourselves. The direction our lives take is determined by the measure of control we attain over our thoughts and feelings."

* * *

"To attain self-control, it is good to remember that every moment of our life counts. Even when we think we are not doing anything, we are doing something. Our mind never stops, and from this inner movement emotions and feelings appear. It is good to pay attention to how we manage this energy, and what good we do with it."

* * *

"It is good to imagine where we want to arrive in order to make a plan to get there. But it is also good to remember that we need to be conscious that every moment we are creating our future, according to how we develop our potential and generate the attitudes and responses with which we are going to face the vicissitudes of life."