The Discursive Meditation: An Integral Practice of the Path of Cafh

by Helene Dunkelblau

The Discursive Meditation: An Integral Practice of the Path of Cafh

The meditation exercise outlined here is in the form of a dialogue between the meditator and the Divine Mother.

The Divine Mother is one of the most ancient and universal symbols through which human beings have related to the sacred. Her form varies in different traditions. She may be as abstract as yin, the Feminine Principle, or as concrete as Mother Kali. She is the Changing Woman of the Navaho, or the Blessed Virgin. She is called Tara and Sophia. She is Gaia, the living planet on which we live, and she is the Shekhinah. For some, she may not even have a name, being the Unknowable, the essence of life.

The meditation exercise can either be done silently, or it can be spoken aloud. It has three parts, each lasting 5 minutes:

1st part: Invocation -- The meditator invokes the Divine Mother.  She describes her situation and asks for help.

2nd part: Waiting -- The meditator tries to suspend her flow of thought.  She waits serenely, in silence, not attempting to guess how the Divine Mother will answer her.

3rd part: Response -- The Divine Mother responds. At the end of the Response, the meditator says, “Peace.”



A Meditation for Guidance

A busy teacher pauses to seek divine guidance in her classroom.


Divine Mother, it is my longing to be of assistance to the souls whom I teach in my classes. But sometimes, I get confused; I get lost in myself, and don't know how to best be of help. Mother, show me what I need to do.



My daughter, take a moment to make silence within. Stop, and really see your students. Take a moment to see their potential. Out of your inner silence, see each one as points of unknown possibility, limitless. See them with My eyes. Bullet