The Essence of Kindness

by Sandra Hooper-Rios and Luciana Quiroga

One may say, "What can I do to make this world better?" This question leads us in many different directions.  Some people choose to volunteer their time to the less fortunate, while others choose to pursue careers within the field of social service.  Although all acts of service are appreciated, the quiet and often faint acts of everyday kindness have the power to gently permeate established walls and pass into the core of a human being.

The perfume of kindness is omnipresent; in fact one can often sense it has been there even after the event, since it leaves sweetness in the air.

It is the look of compassion, the smile of love, the touch of empathy, the quiet prayer, the small gift, the unselfish act, and finally the words of guidance.  Kindness is all of the above, and much more.

Sometimes we are moved by the Divine to offer the drink of kindness to a stranger.  The movement within is like a fast flowing flush of vigor that can fill us up inside.  Once the love is released into the world of the tangible, then we can feel at peace.

Societal norms can sometimes stop us from being truthful to our hearts.  However, we must acknowledge that there are many norms throughout the world that do not coincide with the standards of the Divine.  Therefore, we must be strong.  We must be free from ways that repress our spiritual potential. 

Kindness is the tonic that supplies hope, and hope is a mighty thing.  Kindness can remind our brothers and sisters that they have not been forgotten by us nor by their angels that protect them from the other side.  Kindness can help society to become harmonious and overcome the tendency to create divisions that separate us from one another. Kindness can make someone's moment happy.

Being kind is one small way of elevating the vibration of humanity. In the words of Gandhi, "We must be the change we wish to see in the world."

Let the fragrance of kindness linger around us all, so that we may live together in bliss.