The Heartbeat of the World

by Marta Redniss Maresco

The Soul in Desolation

Stranded in the shallows,
all appears superficial, meaningless
a veneer of glitter that cannot hide
destructive forces

it seems that violence erupts everywhere
from the front pages of newspapers
and TV screens
news from the fronts of war,
the halls of power,
crime, aggression
are all there is

the ordinary person,
the poor, the ill,
are forgotten

the soul in desolation
seeks another wayHeart

The Soul Seeking Her Home in the Divine

Returning again and again
To the wellspring of prayer
Listening inwardly
To find a passage
Into the heartbeat of the world
Emerging each time
With renewed vision
Commitment to the path of unfolding
To share the suffering and joy of humanity
Opening to forgiveness and compassion,
To see with loving eyes
Our vibrant diversity
And profound unity