Nuances of My First Year in Cafh

by Christina, a new Cafh member

My first encounter with Cafh

After a friend of mine told me that his grandmother in St. Louis was involved in a spiritual group called Cafh, I was so intrigued that when I later got home I googled it. After many misspellings and attempts, I landed on “A Path of Spiritual Unfolding.” These were the first words I read, “A Path.” At this time in my life, I was looking for a path that would guide me through these dynamic years of my mid-twenties.

After surfing through the website, I realized this was something I was looking for. Hence, I met with my friend’s grandmother a few days later. During our meeting, we discussed all the facets of Cafh, and she invited me to a weekly meeting, called a “reunion.” I gladly accepted. It was during the meditation at the reunion that I felt an overwhelming sense of peacefulness and serenity that encouraged me to enter Cafh. I attended one more meeting before I officially became a member.

What I find most valuable about Cafh

Besides the strength I gain each week at the reunions, I often find myself on when I need guidance and inspiration. This website always succeeds in giving me just that. I find strength in reading the honest and raw work that other Cafh members have written. I feel a sense of closeness and a connection with the authors because I know we share something in common: we’re on the same path.

I also consider the weekly teachings to be of utmost importance. I especially appreciated our first course, Spiritual Life, by Jorge Waxemberg; each teaching was packed with life lessons and skills I found particularly useful in my daily living. I found it so valuable that I made copies and shared Spiritual Life with my father and my sister, who both thoroughly enjoyed it as well. Lastly, I strongly value Jorge Waxemberg’s Living Consciously and Words Matter. I read these two pieces last summer and I often refer back to them so that I will not forget the beneficial lessons learned.

What Cafh has taught me

Through our weekly reunions, public activities and meetings with my spiritual director, Cafh has taught me how to be more disciplined, how to give back to others and how to be open and honest with others and myself. Cafh has provided me with an inner clarity that I can refer back to in times of confusion and uncertainty.

Our current course, “Nuances of Prayer,” has provided me with a thorough understanding of the importance of prayer and the themes of the Discursive Meditation*. With this knowledge, “Nuances of Prayer” has enhanced my understanding of the physical and mental ramifications of prayer, and it continues to unlock new meaning to meditation. Through meditation, I have learned how to surrender myself to our Cosmic Consciousness. I truly believe that by doing my inner work, I can fulfill my purpose here on Earth.

Where I go from here

I recently moved to Arizona to obtain my Masters in Biomedical Sciences with the hope of attending medical school. I still attend the weekly reunions with my group in Saint Louis and have meetings with my spiritual director via FaceTime. I also plan to attend all scheduled public activities when I am back in town. Although there is physical distance, I still feel very close and connected to my group in St. Louis, and I look forward to continuing my spiritual growth with them. 

Note: The books mentioned in this article, Spiritual Life, Living Consciously, and Words Matter, as well as the course “Nuances of Prayer,” are available for download on Cafh’s website:

*For a description and example of the Discursive Meditation, see the article, “The Discursive Meditation: An Integral Practice of the Path of Cafh” on this website.