The 70th Anniversary of the Founding of Cafh

by Carolyn Cooper

(en español)

Cafh Order was founded in Argentina on March 3, 1937, and the first groups in the United States were established on April 12, 1967. I ask myself, “How would my life have been different if Cafh had not been founded, or if I had never learned about it?”

From early childhood, I had the sense of the Divine and a longing to serve, but somehow the instruction I received in Sunday School and at services in the Anglican Church didn’t give me the direction I needed. All I could see was the surface of spiritual life. I knew intuitively that the life beneath that surface must be rich and full of meaning, but there didn’t seem to be any door that would let me enter and explore it.

Thanks to Don Santiago Bovisio, the spiritual path of Cafh was born, and thanks to a member of Cafh, I learned about it years later in Toronto. When I joined Cafh, I discovered a path that led into the inner world of thoughts and feelings I had longed to enter. It also showed me how intimately connected my inner world is with the outer world.

Cafh has provided me with companionship, individual guidance, teachings, and a method for applying my ideals in everyday circumstances. It continuously makes me aware of the countless possibilities there are for offering myself and participating in the life of others, whether close to me or far away. This is a wonderful life!

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