Inner Spaces - Drawings on the Backs of Notepads

by Robert Magrisso, MD                                                                                           

"Drawings on the Backs of Notepads" is an animated power point that began literally with my drawings on the cardboard backs of my 4 inch by 6 inch note and prescription pads. They started out as doodling, but once I put some India ink markers and a white paint pen in my desk drawer, they become more serious, though still spontaneous. I scanned them into the computer. The narrative came out when I began to share them occasionally with patients and I began to see the drawings as illustrations for an adult picture book. The drawing serves to keep different parts of my mind and heart alive during the work day, which helps to nurture an expanded awareness of the great sacred mystery of which we are all a small part. It opens up inner spaces where different kinds of perceptions and awareness can unfold that lead to different kinds of relationships. 

The music is by Erik Satie.