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Consistency in Words, Actions and Offering

by José Luis Kutscherauer, Director of Cafh1

Though the address below was delivered to an assembly of members of Cafh in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, in May 2014, Seeds believes that everyone who is dedicated to spiritual unfolding for their own good and the good of all human beings will find it inspiring and helpful.

Let us give cohesion and momentum to our efforts to unfold spiritually. Let us strive to be consistent, so that all our ways of expressing ourselves live up to the Vocation of Renouncement2 we have embraced.

Words move, examples guide, but only the giving of oneself transforms. Let us study ourselves through this enlightening sentence to see how each phrase can guide us in the attainment of a consistent life.

Let us be consistent with the use of our word! We express ourselves through oral and written language as well as through the language of our gestures. But not only do we express what we think and feel through language, we also convey our inner states. Even more: words transmit energy, our energy. This is why words move. They are the creative power which transforms matter into mind and mind into matter. An idea takes shape, the strength to carry it out is activated and the work that was once only a dream is fulfilled in concrete actions. It was through words that the first Sons and Daughters came together, and their response gave birth to the Mystical Body of Cafh. Words are an immense power placed in our hands and under our responsibility. We experienced that power when the inner call echoed in us and moved us to take a vow expressing our commitment to unfold. That voice-the voice of our vocation-can never be turned off. Blindness, unconsciousness, gave way to light. We realized that our destiny to unfold is inescapable. We cannot ignore nor hide from this reality: our life makes sense if we unfold. This raises the question, then, of how we can achieve this unfolding. And it is with words and what they convey that we are moved to gather our strength, direct our steps and respond with consistent actions.

We know that it is the wealth of our experience that really gives strength and conviction to our words. What motivates souls and inspires in them the need to expand their awareness is not just the idea we developed with our words, but also the strength of the living word, which flows out of our unfolding, our faithfulness to the Work of Cafh, and our deep commitment to the Idea of Renouncement. This word-the result of our deep, committed inner work-first fosters in us the need to keep working on our unfolding. Second, it encourages listeners to make it effective in their own lives and thus discover the possibilities to unfold.

It is our commitment to spread the ideas of Cafh through our word. This is why we have to be very aware that what gives strength to our message is the testimony of our own renouncement.

Let us consider very carefully what we say and make sure it lives up to our principles and ideals. Let us remember that consistency is more than a virtue; it is a way of life, an expression of real love. Inconsistencies arise when there are other interests at stake on the road of offering, of renouncement to oneself.

Let us be consistent with our example, with how we live! At the beginning, spiritual unfolding is something we understand and can talk about. Our enthusiasm and conviction move us and in turn move others. However, we know very well that emotional movements are not enough to unfold. We discover that when we are consistent in all the ways we express ourselves and our spiritual ideal, we generate well-being and harmony.

Although we achieve this ideal gradually, one thing is for sure: we can never stop making an effort to reach it. There is no doubt that unfolding is a process-and that process involves life, movement, and a permanent and dynamic search.

By putting into practice our spiritual ideas, we effectively open a path of unfolding. This is how, through our noble and responsible responses to life, we have the possibility of becoming an example, a point of reference for souls.

For us, being an example is not being a model to be imitated by others. Rather, it is being the one who, by his or her integrity and inner fulfillment, awakens in others the same ability to live fully. When we live fully-living with generosity and giving our full attention to the present, knowing that this is our best and most real opportunity to give of ourselves, expand our consciousness and open our hearts-we become points of reference of what the path of renouncement brings out in souls.

By being a point of reference-that is, reflecting a full, committed and conscious inner life through everything we do-our example does not create dependencies in others; rather, it awakens in them the strength that drives them to discover their own resources and values. The person who is a point of reference lives for humanity, seeking only to fulfill the real needs of human beings. To live up to this mission we cannot be reliving the past, lamenting the present or deluding ourselves about the future.

When we live a profound inner life, what we project outwardly-our example of life-becomes a flame that lights the fire of love in others by activating their best possibilities. The one who is a point of reference does not sit back, dreaming of what could be; rather he or she is busy turning dreams into reality. Such a person stands up to scrutiny because he or she has nothing to hide. Such a person does not hold himself up as the model, because he knows and recognizes his shortcomings, and works constantly to overcome them.

By being a point of reference, each one of us shows how, beyond our characteristics, experiences, limitations and strengths, we can contribute something positive and constructive for humankind through the unfolding of our consciousness.

To be a point of reference we need to strengthen our will through effort, ascetic-mystical work and painstaking perseverance, thus making it possible for us to unfold.

Let us be consistent with the giving of ourselves! Here there is no room for doubts or wavering. The giving of oneself involves the whole being and once one decides it is what gives meaning to one's life, there is no turning back. The giving of oneself transforms both the giver and the environment in which he or she lives; it creates a new possibility. The force generated by the offering of life multiplies in good works, because it leads people to identify with noble values confirmed by those who live them.

The giving of oneself, the unreserved surrender to the process of unfolding and all that this implies, is the expression of a decision that covers a lifetime. This giving of oneself is reflected both in the way we solve small details as well as in the big decisions. It is the fruit of a love that never falters and is the result of a fidelity where nothing is able to lead one astray or diminish what one can really give of oneself. The one who offers himself does not look back or claim compensation for what was already given. One simply thinks that surely more could have been given in every moment of one's life. The offering of oneself is, in short, not only to live always in the Divine Presence but also in the presence of all souls. The Vocation of Renouncement must be embodied through our experience in order to become a real and accessible possibility for all souls. Let us take care, then, with the words we use. Let us be attentive to their content and the intention that moves them in order that they may give life to the Message of Renouncement. Let us be careful with what we do and how we do it, so that the message we send by our example of life is for the advancement and welfare of all human beings. Let us take care of our inner life, so that the strength of our offering may awaken the potential of unfolding in souls. Let us carry out this wonderful dream of love, giving life to our words, power to our example and reality to our offering. 

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1. Cafh: The word Cafh has ancient roots; for the members of Cafh it symbolizes the effort of the soul to attain union with God. At the same time it represents the presence of the divine in each soul. The text "Consistency in Words, Actions and Offering" is an edited version of an address of the Director at the Cafh Annual Assembly in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, in May 2014.

2. Renouncement: In the Teaching of Cafh, Renouncement is considered to be the law of life. When we renounce, we accept that our small life is part of Life itself, that we are an integral part of the whole. We gain perspective on the ups and downs of our daily lives and also on periods of great difficulties. The spirit of Renouncement helps us to visualize our strengths and weaknesses objectively and awakens in us a deep sense of participation and love for everyone and everything.