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A Conversation/Dialogue Meditation by Libbie Kerr


Getting ready:

Ask for an opening in yourself. Give yourself permission to set aside your habitual monologue of thought and create a space in and around you. Sit comfortably relaxed, but not sleepily so, with finger tips touching, legs together, shoulders and neck relaxed. Create a space with no interruptions.

Create an awareness in yourself of the possibility of dialogue/conversation with a higher part of your thinking, the Divine, or a manifestation of the Divine. Allow yourself to consider it is possible to have such a conversation. Suspend disbelief and judgment. OPEN.

Invocation: (5 minutes) An example:

“I invoke the peacefulness of the immense ocean rolling on a sandy shore. I invoke the peacefulness of this ocean, moving the sand, moving it in its rocking, loving embrace. I become aware of opening myself to this seemingly random movement of the sand.”

Waiting: (5 minutes)

Open yourself in a state of attentive silence. Do not resist or fight the flitting of thoughts and the currents of thinking. Be attentive to the silence that lies beyond them. Move your attention to the point you chose to focus on at will. Waiting in patience, with attention, is an exercise in itself.

Response: (5 minutes) 

The response is an openness to what comes after waiting. It is more like a knowing—connecting with another point that is beyond the normal flow of conversation. An example:

“You are the ocean. You are the sand. You are the water, the earth, the air. All is around and within you. The sand responds to the currents of water, and the water is forever changed having touched the sand. Each is complete, each is separate, each is one movement: the fundamental current of life, universal and rhythmic, moving throughout time ... pulled by unseen forces.”