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Gratitude: A State of Grace

by Rowena Vrabel

Thankful for the Gift of Life Bestowed upon Us,
The Stars, the Moon, the Sun,
That Bathe Us in their Rays,
And Light Our Path in this World.


Thankful for the Rain and Thunderous Cloudbursts,
Ominous to the Ear,
Yet Heralding a Translucent Dawn
Of Hues - Azure, Violet, and Red.
Puffed Pillows of White,
That Billow and Float,
Always Transforming Themselves,
As They Meander Across
The Blue Canvas of the Sky.


Thankful for Our Companions,
Who Walk with Us along Our Road,
Who Accompany Us in Joy and Sorrow,
Who Bring Steadfast Understanding and Love
To All Souls,
And Illuminate Our Life's Journey.