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Multidimensional Lives / Dimensions in Life

by Peter Evanoff

Multidimensional Lives

Every day is a stitch
In the fabric of time.
We can mend a hole in a sock
Or tighten a knot in the rope
That may one day save a life

We live multidimensional lives.
We are all at once
Climbing Mount Everest
And crawling out of an earthworm tunnel

Our bodies, these strange machines,
Carry with them a spark of the eternal.
We can light with it a bonfire
Or let blood, sweat and tears
Dampen it into nothing.

I'll knit my day with the best
Of my stitching skills.
Please you do the same with yours
Shoulder to shoulder we help one another
No matter how distant your name may sound to my ears.
Shoulder to shoulder we walk out of darkness. 

Dimensions in Life

Every day is a stitch in the fabric of time:
I can be sewing a modest sock,
Or knot a thread in the rope
That can save another life.

We live in so many dimensions at once!
I at the same time find myself
Climbing to the top of the mountain
And coming out of a worm cave.

Our bodies, these sublime machines,
carry within them the spark of the eternal.
That spark can light a bonfire
OR we can drown it with blood, fatigue and tears.

I'm going to use
my best sewing skills to spin this day .
Please work the same with your day
Because we walk, shoulder to shoulder, the same path.

We help each other
 No matter how distant your name I hear.
 Shoulder to shoulder, there is no doubt,
 Together we leave the darkness behind