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José Luis Kutscherauer

Sr. Jose Luis came in contact with Cafh in his early youth in his native province of Córdoba, Argentina. He became a member in 1961 and in 1973 he entered a Community of Cafh.

In 1979 he moved to Costa Rica, where he was appointed Delegate for all Communities of Cafh. Ever since their foundation, these Communities have reflected their members’ vocation of renouncement through a sustainable social work. Along the years, the economic activities developed by the Communities became a source of employment and development for the inhabitants of the regions where they were settled and a reference of solidarity at a national level.

In the 2005 Annual Assembly, Cafh’s members elected Sr. Jose Luis Kutscherauer as the new Spiritual Director of Cafh. During his tenure as director, which lasted until 2019, Sr. José Luis Kutscherauer has fostered the movement of Cafh towards a key practice in our ultra-connected times: to open up and share.

This movement towards openness and sharing has also resulted in the offering of free publication of courses and tools for spiritual unfolding, supported by the voluntary donations and work of Cafh’s members. Many of these courses and tools can be found here on the seeds website or at https://cafh.org