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Mysticism of the Heart

But where do the commitment and energy to develop such a relationship come from?


Our participation does not end where our action ends; it goes far beyond, as far as our love can reach. When we focus our spiritual force, we stimulate the creation of new possibilities in the minds and hearts of human beings

Jose Luis Kutscherauer


Developing our relationship with the Divine, with ourselves and with one another

Our commitment is strengthened through our effort to discover how we relate to ourselves and others. This work of unfolding our consciousness can take different forms. It may be inner, as in meditation and prayer. It can be both inner and outer, for example, when we observe ourselves as we engage with others, and when we deliberately strive to harmonize our behavior with our deepest convictions.

Practicing meditation

Through the habit of meditation, we build a relationship with the Divine and discover within the depths of our consciousness what fosters the expansion of our love and what delays it.

See the Cafh YouTube videos on meditation. The series gives an overview of how to establish the practice of meditating and explains seven themes that guide us through the process of unfolding. The videos also refer us to sources for face-to-face training in the practice.

Cafh YouTube


Engaging in dialogue

Dialogue cannot exist without humility.

Paulo Freire, Brazilian educator


Participate in Dialogues on the web with friends and strangers alike. The Dialogues help us build our skill in using these tools for communicating well: suspending judgment, listening, identifying one's assumptions, and inquiring and reflecting.

e dialoude

Harmonizing our behavior with our deepest convictions

Deep convictions and good intentions are usually not enough. We need supports, tools, or guidelines to keep us on track. All over the world, individuals and groups develop practices to help them further their goals.

Spiritual paths such as Cafh offer a Method. See "Cafh as a Method of Life."

Environmental movements offer practical guidelines to achieve a world in balance. See the review of The Carbon Code.

Personal Accounts of efforts to dialogue in the midst of conflict inspire us. See Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish's book, I Shall Not Hate, reviewed in Resources in this issue.