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Cosmos Habits

by Mary Cook

Keeping a sense of perspective in our lives helps us avoid getting trapped in the multitude of preoccupations that tend to take our time and energy. One way to keep perspective is to remind ourselves through little practices that we are infinitesimal but significant specks in the Cosmos. The value of the practice doesn’t lie so much in its content as in its effect on us. Does it remind us of our place in the world and our responsibility to live as conscious participants? Here are some practices that may be useful:

Take time to enjoy the sunset. sunset

Think how the water in my cup of coffee is connected to the water of the ocean. coffeeParticipate regularly in recycling programs in my neighborhood.

Learn a new language. learn

Volunteer in my neighborhood.


Smile at a passerby. smile

Pray for the happiness of those
around me, wherever we are .