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Everyday Reflections

by Carolyn Cooper

What a busy day I've had! The whole afternoon was spent at the mall helping my friend to buy some articles she needed.

It's the evening now and I am alone. I sit quietly, running through the events of the day in my mind. My mental video unwinds in reverse, starting with the most recent scenes and going back to the early morning. I see the tiny interactions between my friend and me. I see her smile, I hear our laughter, I feel our tiredness and relief at stopping for awhile to eat some pizza.

The habit of reflecting on the day that is past lets me see not only the things I did, but how I did them. I become aware of what feelings accompanied my words and actions, what attitudes and words were helpful in a situation and what were counterproductive. I realize that I missed an opportunity to make someone laugh or to share an interesting story.

I can step back so that my view takes in not only my friend and me, but also everyone around us. We were all caught up in a moving crowd and a hubbub of voices. I know how we felt, but how did the other individuals making up that moving crowd feel? How did they experience it?

My day was a day that I shared with so many people-a kaleidoscope of ever shifting connections.


Everyday experiences to learn from.