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Invoking the Divine

by Allegra Magrisso

In our group’s study of prayer, we asked ourselves what prayer each of us would create as her own prayer. As I thought about this and paid attention to how and when I pray, I recognized the prayer that is meaningful to me. My prayer is “Divine Mother ...”  I couldn’t help wondering: Will this seem like a good enough prayer? But the truth is, for me, praying “Divine Mother” is invaluable.

I have used this prayer for many years, and many times in a given day.  Invoking the Divine Mother allows me to awaken my intention and reconnect with the aspect of Life that is more than meets the eye. When I pray “Divine Mother” I can center, reconnect, and pause inwardly. Invoking the prayer “Divine Mother” helps me to shift my frame of reference from worry or fear to openness and presence.

Praying to the Divine Mother by calling her name brings and keeps the Divine close. When I am becoming overwhelmed or engulfed in emotions, or when I am filled with a joy that has no description, I call “Divine Mother.”

As I live the days of my life, praying “Divine Mother,” I have an enduring relationship with a true companion. As a companion, the Divine Mother acts as witness to my life, as counsel, as guide. Even when I don’t know where that call really goes, or if it is heard, I do not feel alone.

Praying to the Divine Mother throughout the day has become automatic. My call to her is both a habit and a necessity.

My prayer sometimes is “Divine Mother” repeated over and over again. At other moments, invoking the Divine is completed by “Divine Mother, let me be an instrument of your spirit.” I first heard that prayer a long time ago in a teaching, and it lodged in my heart and remains persistent.

My prayer “Divine Mother …” sometimes continues as “Divine Mother, guide me,” “Divine Mother, teach me,” “Divine Mother, guide me.” I have invoked the Divine Mother in times of worry, fear, loss, pain, despair, deep gratitude, and joy. Whatever the completion of my prayer to the Divine Mother, the invocation helps me to remain steady and calm, grounded, open, ready to receive whatever life brings. My consciousness shifts to something greater than myself.

I have found that invoking the Divine Mother is a vital spiritual practice. The words are few, but the sincerity of the intent and need is strong. “Divine Mother” is my prayer.