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No Dialogue

A “dead-end” conflict calls us to our innermost center, the ultimate source where the impossible answer can be found.

What do you do when there is no more room for words with someone and anything you say is misunderstood?

Well, make silence.
But, if silence is embarrassing?

Then, do something.
If even doing something is a cause for irritation, what then?

Then, disappear.
Okay, but if you run away, dialogue fails, all possible contact is lost.

I didn’t say run away.  The disappearance I meant nurtures dialogue.  You disappear, even to yourself, when exterior silence becomes interior.  Action, too, becomes transformed by your intention of love, a simple inner movement that sends, wave after wave, messages of good will, of understanding.  It is something invisible, unseen.  That is why you disappear.  Yet, with time and practice, you will find that it is something very real and effective.