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eMotive A Compilation Album of Non Profit Music “Making Music, Saving Lives”

Reviewed by G. Damond

It is refreshing to see that music is a field in which we are becoming aware of ourselves as a diversity of cultures—an opening that goes under the name “World Music.”

In the CD eMotive, featuring four Spanish Non Profit Music artists, we can hear different composers creating a tapestry with various traditional European instruments assembled with instruments of other regions, like the “tabla” of India, and incorporating the mystical sounds of Sanskrit.

The compositions are enhanced by this variety of sounds and further enriched with a more harmonic movement, inheritance of the American tradition.

An outstanding aspect of this project is that the composers go beyond the traditional system of commerce and donate their profits to alleviate numerous areas of human need in a world that is starving for a more egalitarian sharing and balancing of resources.

Hopefully, this initiative will create similar ones in other arts or fields, on a more massive scale, resulting in a creative process that is at the service of all, particularly in areas of need and scarcity, and not for the benefit of an individual’s pocket.

Beautiful music for a great cause, bringing awareness of what is happening in the world today! As one of the musicians says, “Our music tries to always recognize that there is sadness and suffering in the world, while never forgetting that we also must have hope. We cannot feel comfortable with all the things that humankind does, but we need to find a way to correct our errors.” With this aim in mind, he does not put restrictions on the music he composes: “…as long as it touches listeners, and makes them feel the need to know more about what is behind the music.”