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Resources for Expanding Our Love


We have so many ways to expand our love, and there are many articles published on the Seeds of Unfolding website and on www.Cafh.org to help us to do this. Here are just a few suggestions that can serve as guides to help us to unfold our love in daily life:

Do something very practical that you yourself are not going to benefit from: When Bill, Kay's husband, was dying, he told her she would have the finances necessary to build a retreat house after he was gone. He knew how much she loved giving retreats! Though not a member of Cafh, he wanted to plant the idea that such a project would be possible. Bill's Gift.

Forget an emotional response to a past experience that is preventing you from acting freely now. Annual Mission.

Go beyond what you want, because when we want something, we close ourselves off to every message we could receive from the person who is speaking. Presence...

Prayer - There is one friendship, among all the others that we may cultivate, which makes us friends with ourselves. "To become friends with God may seem very daring, but from time immemorial this possibility has been and will be within our reach through prayer." The Good Road, p. 23

Letting go of identifications ; "Repeat aloud slowly: 'I am Not...." filling the space with every possible identification you can think of, e.g.., my body, my job, my family until exhausted of definitions. Then remain silent, with the idea that you are a mystery, an unknown.'" Pondering: Who Am I?

Have you found any more resources that you can suggest to the readers of Seeds of Unfolding? 

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