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The Art of Living in Relationship by Jorge Waxemberg

Relationships are the great fabric of life; to unfold them consciously and methodically is to learn to love through a work that includes all of life. It is to transform living into an art. Spiritual life and the art of living are, therefore, two ways of referring to the same thing"

book relationship To learn to live well, with harmony, peace, companionship, and love, is to learn to live in relationship-with ourselves, with our circumstances, with people, with life itself. Relationship, we read in this thought-provoking book, is what connects us with all of life, and here we find practical ideas, suggestions, and tools for working on the many ways relationships work in our lives.

We learn here ways to explore the relationship we have with ourselves, with our problems and difficulties, with our shortcomings and strengths. We meditate on a greater dimension of relationship as well-our relationship with society, with life, with ideas, with vocation. We find, too, ways to contemplate the ultimate relationship-our relationship with God, or the Divine.

Written as a kind of guidebook to life, this valuable little book brings us many new ideas to deepen our spiritual lives and unfold more profound relationships with ourselves, our families, our society, and ultimately, our human destiny.


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