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Shifting Perspective
by Mary Cook


In the morning…

I’m unhappy because my supervisor has told me that X, one of the new people recently hired, will be assigned to my team next week.

Stories about the bad work habits of the ethnic group the new team member belongs to begin to surface in my mind.

How will the team deal with a member who doesn’t pull his weight?

Why can’t the other new employee be assigned to our team? Maybe I can suggest that the new staff members be switched.

I feel depressed.

At lunch…

I go out for a walk. I see how my anxious feelings about X, whom I haven’t met yet, are weighing me down.

I peak under the veil of my anxiety. What is it that is making me so unhappy and worried? Am I prejudiced against this ethnic group? Where do these assumptions come from? Am I insecure about my skill as a team leader?

In the evening…

I sit quietly, reaching down through the noisy fears and protests of my mind to a silent place where I find the courage to meditate on my prejudice and face my feelings of insecurity.


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