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Jorge Waxemberg

Jorge Waxemberg has lived in a spiritual community of Cafh since the 1950s and was the director of Cafh from 1963 to his retirement in May 2005. He is the author of many books which have been published in English, Spanish and Portuguese, including The Art of Living in Relationship and Living Consciously.

As an ongoing contributor to Seeds of Unfolding, Mr. Waxemberg has given us ways of seeing how the enduring ideals of spiritual life find their concrete expression in daily life.

Read the interview with Jorge Waxemberg, and follow some of his writings which have appeared in Seeds:

» Common Ground

» Dealing with Anger

» The Innermost Sanctum

» Moving Beyond Prejudices

» My Relationship with Myself  en espaņol

» Our Relationship with Choice

» Our Relationship with God

» Our Relationship with Ideas

» Our Relationship with Life en español

» Our Relationship with Society

» Our Relationship with Thoughts and Feelings en español

» Our Relationship with Vocation  en espaņol

» Points of View

» Relationship and Spiritual Life

» Standards of Conduct

» States of Consciousness

» Understanding Differences

» Universality

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